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  • A big thank you for the amazing honeymoon you arranged for us. Ever since I got in touch with your office, everything has been extremely...
  • The trip was perfect. Thank you for the arrangements. would love to travel with Destination travels once again.. Thank you Asha for...
  • It is almost one month since our arrival from vacation, which was so wonderfully organised & perfectly executed that I fail to find any faults.
  • The trip was nice and we had no problem in travel,stay & siteseeing arrangements made by you. Your services for the trip were excellent.
  • Many thanks for the welcome back mail !!
    Me and Jyotika had a wonderful holiday. The Property in Krabi was ...
  • Sorry for the delay in replying to your request. I did mean to write to you, just that I have been extremely busy since we have arrived back.
  • It was a pleasure booking our holiday with your company. All arrangements were spot on and choice of hotels was excellent. Your...
  • Overall the trip was lovely and Greek Island were simply amazing. We both really enjoyed in Mykonos which is such a huge party place.
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Tahiti Holiday Packages

Fun Things To Do

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In this program, a dolphin will be your guide into his own world, a fascinating submarine universe. Observe this incredibly skilled swimmer closeby, underwater, as he parades in front of you, performing jumps and flips, showing of what great acrobat he is. Holding firmly on his pectoral and dorsal fins, let yourself be towed for an unforgettable ride !


Aquablue proposes an extraordinary underwater trip. It's now possible to walk safely underwater thanks to funny yellow helmets (around 4 meters/13 feet deep).

This excursion is suitable for everyone.

After an introduction and once you wear this funny yellow helmet, you can go down the ladder.

During all the descent and the trip, a fully qualified instructor fitted with a scuba diving equipment, will come with you to enjoy all the lagoon's beauties. Once you have reached the bottom, you do not have to swim but only to walk simply among the coral mounds and many colored shells and fish. After 35 minutes of immersion, the explorers come up the ladder Time to return to the hotel, with plenty of colorful images in your head.


The Aquadisco will enable you to discover the 2 "Cook's" & Opunohu" bays of Moorea.

Put your mask, tuba & fins on, and snorkel a wonderful coral garden.

Towels available on board.

The boat will then go on the ocean side of the reef barrier. It is time to go down to the underwater glass wall room of the boat.Dolphins, sharks, turtles, jack fish etc... may regularly be seen. A fruit juice and fresh fruit will be served at the open-air bar.

Catamaran Lagoon tour

In the morning, you will be welcomed aboard the "Margouillat", a luxury sailing catamaran of 43 feets long.

Coffee and fruit juices will be served.

You will appreciate the large space, equipments & comfort at your disposal.

You will start the day by visiting the two beautiful bays of MOOREA : COOK's and OPUNOHU Bays on the northern coast of MOOREA.

While sailing inside and outside the lagoon (if weather permitted), you may be fortunate enough to encounter whales (at season) and wild dolphins The captain will anchor in the clear waters of a coral garden, and the crew will guide you for a snorkelling. All along the cruise, an attentive crew will take care of you and will make sure that you fully enjoy this intimate and special moment.

Circle island tour of Moorea

MOOREA which means "yellow lizard" in tahitian, is a triangular Island.

Its northern side is punctuated by the two large COOK'S & OPUNOHU bays.

You will stop on a PINEAPPLE PLANTATION where you will learn about the famous and most important resource of Moorea.

On the way to the BELVEDERE, you will stop at a "marae" (ancien open air temple) to learn about the ancestral customs.

From the BELVEDERE, you will have a panoramic view over OPUNOHU and COOK's Bays as well as over the ROTUI Mountain.

Visit the AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL and discover the variety of the local fruits, trees...

Polynesian spirit Sunset cruise

Come and enjoy the beauty of a romantic sunset on a Polynesian outrigger canoe, sipping a "Maitai" punch cocktail.

Simply magical !

Tahitian feats at the Tiki Village

The TIKI VILLAGE is a re-created Polynesian village.

This picturesque village, nestled by the LAGOON of HAAPITI, depicts the "old Tahiti" with its typical pandanus thatched-roof houses.

There are several LITTLE HUTS where Polynesian women or men demonstrate mat weaving, Tiki carving, flower leis and crowns making, tatooing etc

For an entire evening, in a Polynesian Village of Yesterday, enjoy a typical Polynesian buffet featuring many dishes cooked in the traditional GROUND OVEN : roasted pig, fish, chicken in Polynesian spinach, bread fruit, taro, fei, etc Barbecue chicken and beef, and different kinds of salad are as well available.

With flowers, coconut palms, burning torches the feast decor and atmosphere are recreated just for you. During your meal, first will perform a trio of musicians, then a spectacular dance show will tell you all about TAHITIAN LEGENDS, all performed in the natural settings of an open air theatre with 50 ARTISTS, DANCERS and MUSICIANS. The highlight of the evening is the FIRE DANCING performed by young native men from Moorea.

4 X 4 Safari adventure

Discover the virgin interior of Bora Bora's savage mountains, the sacred temples and the american remains from World War II. Experience some of the most spectacular sceneries on the emerald lagoon of the island.

Taste some tropical fruits and learn about the Polynesian culture from native guides, famous for their knowledge and their sense of humor.

Enjoy the visit of the unique pearl farm of Bora Bora, and learn the secret of the Polynesian Black Pearl.

From the oyster faming to the grafting, from the harvesting to the pearl clasification, from the conception to the realisation of an artistic jewelry, you will learn everythong about the world of the Black Pearls and the men who give them life.

Aqua Safari Bora Bora

A new sensation, in around 3,5 meters/10 feet of water, come to a walk surrounded by hundred of tropical fish, with your head dry and in total security. Everybody can do it, even if you have never put your head underwater. A taxi boat will come to pick you up directly at the dock of your hotel and will drop you on a catamaran where an instructor will explain you the diving signs. A diving instructor will help you put the helmet on and go down the ladder. Soon, fish will be eating in your hands.

You will walk on the sand,with your guide, surrounded by many butterfly fish, parrot fish in the middle of a nice coral formation.

To come up, you just have to climb the ladder and a divemaster on board will greet & assist you.

Some great snorkelling will also be possible before ending this tour.

Circle Island Tour

Take a narrated drive along the 22-mile road that circles this legendary island.

Discover FAREPITI, FAANUI, and ANAU towns with their mysterious "Marae" and the American naval gun spot that serve as reminder of the South Pacific's part in World War II.

As you travel on, you will discover PAOPAO point and MATIRA point with their spectacular views. The road continues & takes you along coconut groves and tiny villages hugging the shoreline. During ancient times, "Marae" were open-air-temples. Built with several tiers of stone and coral, they recall a time when Polynesian gods and idols were worshiped. Religion is still an important part of the island life. But today, half of the population of French Polynesia is Protestant

Dinner at Bloody Mary restaurant

The CLASSICAL DINNER at the famous BLOODY MARY'S included :

  • an appetizer
  • a choice of fish (steak or chicken) with salad - rice and vegetables
  • local fruits

Jet Ski guided tour

Enjoy a circle island tour of Bora Bora riding your Jet Ski.

This is an unique opportunity to take amazing pictures of the "most beautiful lagoon of the world".

During this beautiful and funny experience, you will make a first stop on a white sand beach to relax and admire your magnificient environment. Here, some fruits will be served.

A second stop will be on a motu for the Coco show. Your guide will explain how to climb the coconut tree and how the polynesian people use this fruit.

Jet Ski guided tour

Enjoy a very special & peaceful moment under the incredible colours of Bora Bora sunsets. Cruise, under sail, towards the shallow south-eastern part of the island, sip a local cocktail, and enjoy

The last sun rays & first sparkle of stars are yours, the Southern Cross is slowly inviting you to a wonderful evening...

Shark & Ray snorkeling safari

Here is a wonderfull and easy way to get acquainted with the Sharks, Rays and the coral garden with a severals tropical fishes of Bora Bora.

Three stops are included in this trip with a first one by the Sting Ray ballet where you can touch and swim with them in a shallow water.

As the boat moves slowly in the lagoon, this trip will allow you to take some nice pictures of the lagoon, to view some of the marvelous landscapes in their unique settings.

After 15 minutes ride, you'll make a second stop to the Black Tips Sharks spot which is located behind the barrier reef. Your tour guide will attrack them for you after while you will swim with them in a 30 feet deep water with a lot of species of fish. On the way back, a third and last stop is the snorkelling by the coral garden.

Shark watching, lagoonarium & picnic

Board a motorized boat for an amazing excursion across the BLUE LAGOON of BORA BORA.

The lagoon is three times larger (80 km2) than its land mass. It offers to the eyes an incomparable range of lights and blue colors.

You will make a complete CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR enjoying the superb view on Bora Bora mountains.

You will then reach a diving spot near the reef, where the guide will attract BLACK TIPPED REEF SHARKS. This experience may change your way of looking at those impressive animals.

Do not worry, the show can be seen from the boat or under the water, in a safe environment.

The canoe will stop on a CORAL GARDEN to snorkel and discover the rich marine life of this habitat.

You will then disembark on a private "motu" (islet) where the LAGOONARIUM is located and the PICNIC lunch served.

In the natural environment of the lagoon, you will get the opportunity to swim in three separate enclosed pools and enjoy close encounters with marine life (sharks, rays, jackfish, turtles, parrot-fish). The guides will show you how to approach carefully these animals.

At the lagoonarium, tropical fruits will be served and you will learn about art of PAREO tying.

Underwater submarine excursion

Dive in a real submarine.

Dive and ride outside the lagoon of Bora Bora in the Pacific to a depht of 100 feet in a 360° panoramic view and air-conditioned cabin.


Discover the coral reef and it's animal life :

  • lemon sharks,
  • black tip sharks,
  • napoleon fish,
  • barracudas,
  • remora fish,
  • jack fish,
  • moray eels
  • and many others...

Dolphin Watch

Board on a comfortable boat and after a fifteen minute ocean ride, you will reach a place well known to often be visited by dolphins.

You may take nice pictures as the dolphin usually come close to the boat.

If the weather forecast is good, you may join the dolphins with your snorkeling equipment for an unforgettable encounter.

During the tour, the guide will tell you everything about this fascinating mammal.

Don't miss this amazing tour !

Whale watching

Do not miss this amazing tour with a professional ecological guide. Embark a boat to the ocean where your guide will try to find these amazing mammals. The whales are free, jumping, sleeping or singing in their natural environment, which make each tour an unique excursion !

Inner island 4 X 4 safari

The expedition starts with the east coast and enters the island by crossing the main crater, in PAPENOO VALLEY ( PK 20). You will discover the lush vegetation of Tahiti with its giant ferns and colorful plants. You will cross rivers, discover waterfalls and pure mountain streams.

Enjoy a picnic lunch at "La MAROTO" viewpoint, and stare at the valley.

Visit ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES and learn everything about the fauna and the flora. Way back to your hotel after this great experience.

Hiking in Mateoro Valley

Enjoy a very nice hike & playful environment in Mateoro Valley on the West Coast of Tahiti, near the little town of Parara. Following up the valley, enjoy a colourful & flourished trail, in what may have been in the past a very productive garden. Reach a nice little canyon & play in the fresh basins along the way. Take advantage of the various waterfalls and make the rainforest your playground for the day.

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