Indulge in the Seychelles flavor @ Euro 185

1 x Coconut Body Scrub | 30 mins

A gentle body scrub using specially selected natural coconut ingredients.

1 x Coconut oil massage 45 min

The skin is left as smooth as silk while prepared for deep hydration and sun bathing.

1 x Delightful facial with honey, sugar and papaya (60 min)




Rejuvenate and revitalize your body @ Euro 335

1st Day

1 x Journey of Energy (2 hrs 15 min)

A perfect combination of Shiseido treatments:

Massage Deep tension Relief , a massage technique that focuses on the body tensions.

Qi facial 75 min (Hydro Nourishing facial or Ultimate Radiance facial)

1 x Private Yoga Session (45 min)


2nd Day

1x Kuroho Body Polish

A thorough body exfoliation to exquisitely and expertly cleanse, polish and leave your body luxuriously smooth. Concluding with an application of Shiseido’s replenish body cream

1 x Shiatsu (60 mins)

Traditional hands on Japanese healing therapy that rebalances the flow of energy along the meridians

1 x Private Stretching on the beach session (45 min)



Achieve a harmonious sense of well being @ Euro 460


1st Day

1 x Private Meditation Session (45 min)

1 x Total Zen Delight (90 min)

The fragrance of joy, the fragrance of brilliance. The burst of sparkles changes to a dewy, modern sweetness. A Translucent and profound sensuality enfolds you in many layers.


2nd Day

1 x Private Meditation Session (45 min)

1x Kuroho Body Bliss (120 min)

A thorough body exfoliation to exquisitely and expertly cleanse, polish and leave your body luxuriously smooth. A blissful Qi body massage follows, followed by an application of a replenish body cream


3rd Day

1 x Ayurvedic Rhapsody (90 min)

A traditional synchronized fully body massage given by two experienced Ayurveda therapist using

Sesame oil, followed by a simultaneous feet and head/scalp massage. To relieve stress and to harmonize the body’s energy

1 x Lunch Healthy cuisine



Pamper yourself with our signature treatments @ Euro 350


1st Day

Lemuria Signature Ritual

1 x Boreh Wrap

A traditional warm spice exfoliation and wrap that is used to help relieve muscle aches, increase circulation and support the lymphatic energizing and hydrating.

1 x Balinese massage

A medium to strong deep-tissue massage, holistic treatment that combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy to stimulate blood circulation, ease muscular and

Joint pain, and bring a sense of well being, calm and deep relaxation.


2nd Day

Priadara Thai Ritual (90 min)

An enchanting and aromatic treatment with the real taste of Thailand

1x Herbal Thai massage with warm oil

1x Thai herb compress treatment


3rd Day

Polinesia’s soul treatment (90 min)

The joyful sharing of life energy in the present

1x Polynesians chocolate body wrap

1x Lomi Lomi massage