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Holiday Packages
  • A big thank you for the amazing honeymoon you arranged for us. Ever since I got in touch with your office, everything has been extremely...
  • The trip was perfect. Thank you for the arrangements. would love to travel with Destination travels once again.. Thank you Asha for...
  • It is almost one month since our arrival from vacation, which was so wonderfully organised & perfectly executed that I fail to find any faults.
  • The trip was nice and we had no problem in travel,stay & siteseeing arrangements made by you. Your services for the trip were excellent.
  • Many thanks for the welcome back mail !!
    Me and Jyotika had a wonderful holiday. The Property in Krabi was ...
  • Sorry for the delay in replying to your request. I did mean to write to you, just that I have been extremely busy since we have arrived back.
  • It was a pleasure booking our holiday with your company. All arrangements were spot on and choice of hotels was excellent. Your...
  • Overall the trip was lovely and Greek Island were simply amazing. We both really enjoyed in Mykonos which is such a huge party place.
Holiday Packages

Cayman Islands

Fun Things To Do

The Cayman Islands offers much more than the gentle splendours of sun, sand and sea. Enjoy our unique heritage attractions, Boatswain's Beach, Pedro Saint James, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and the National Museum. Rollick aboard a pirate cruise on the Jolly Roger or the Anne Bonnie. Revel in the festive atmosphere and delicious libations at Rum Point. Or take to the links on one of our three championship golf courses. Feeling adventurous? Plunge the depths aboard the Atlantis Deep Dive Submarine , the only excursion of its kind anywhere on earth. Explore our natural treasures on a hike along the Mastic Trail on Grand Cayman , a stroll through Booby Pond Nature Reserve in Little Cayman , (home to the largest population of red-footed boobies in the Western Hemisphere), or a visit to the Brac Parrot Reserve , where you'll glimpse the rare Cayman Brac parrot. Immerse yourself in Cayman's rich culture firsthand at the Cayman Craft Market or any of our impressive galleries, all while enjoying our greatest attraction-the warm, welcoming Caymanian people.

Pedro St. James Historic Site

This is the restored centre-piece of a national historic site overlooking the Caribbean Sea with the best view in Grand Cayman. Visitors can stroll through the edifice built along the lines of the Caribbean plantation Great Houses containing antique furniture and interesting artifacts from that long-lost time. Visit the gift shop and don't miss the site's multimedia show (it runs every hour). Rated the best in the Caribbean, it's an experience you will long remember!

Grand Cayman's Q. E. II Botanic Park

The Visitors Centre, Heritage Garden and Floral Garden are spectacular additions.

Cayman Islands National Museum

Make the Cayman Islands National Museum the first stop on your tour of Grand Cayman and begin to see the real Cayman.

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands

Cayman's Heritage.... Our Pride, Be a Part of it!

Boatswain's Beach (Cayman Turtle Farm)

See 16,000 sea turtles, some as small as 6 ounces, some as big as 600 pounds!

Stingray City

The stingrays began gathering in the area decades ago when fisherman used to clean fish on the shallow sand bars. The stingrays would forget their normally shy dispositions and feast on the guts of the cleaned fish. Soon the stingrays began to associate the sound of a boat motor with food. In the late 1980s, divers started feeding squid to the stingrays, which is one of their favorite dishes. Imagine a completely unique once in a lifetime experience you can find nowhere else in the world. As you enter our crystal clear turquoise waters the graceful southern stingrays glide tranquilly past in there natural habitat. Enjoy this unique experience of touching and feeding a Stingray, together with snorkeling amongst magnificent coral reefs and colorful tropical fish. The Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman is lots of fun and suitable for everyone. Standing in only three feet of water you will be surrounded by more than two dozen friendly Stingray's.


A blowhole is a cavity formed in the ground at the inland end of a sea cave.

Blowholes are created by the water moving through natural tunnels cut in the rock by the coast. As the tunnels get closer to the coast, they turn upwards, creating a fountain. This can create quite a spectacular show when the weather conditions are right. In Grand Cayman the Blow holes are located on Frank sound road on your way to the Eastern Districts. In Cayman Brac you can find them scattered Island wide. The best time to watch the show is during a nor'wester in the winter months.


Cayman Craft Market

Located in central George town this market place offers locally made wood & leathering products, Thatch and straw work and Local visual arts. Find yourself immersed in a unique Caymanian atmosphere where you can purchase a real part of Cayman whilst learning about our past and one of a kind culture.


Would you like to say you've been to hell and back and really mean it? Well you can! Hell Grand Cayman, take pictures with the devil send postcards postmarked from hell and view the spectacular rock formations created by weathered ironshore. The Hell post office opened in 1962 to accommodate requests from tourists to send post cards home to their friends and families from "hell". The iron shore formations have been estimated at 1.5 million years old.


Rum Point

On the north coast of Grand Cayman, lies the ever popular Rum Point. Here, flat white sands backed by shade trees lead down to the calm blue sea. Peace and quiet is just one offering you'll find at many of the Cayman Islands' beaches, and this sedate vacation style can be had at Rum Point without taking you too far away. Cities are close - without being too close - you'll have everything you need. Snorkeling in the crystalline waters is a popular activity at Rum Point, as well as, volleyball, windsurfing, and parasailing. A beach bar and grill, Wreck Bar, provides food and cold drinks, including beer.

Birding The Cayman Islands are also home to 50 resident species of birds, including colonies of the native brown booby, red-footed booby, least tern, and white-tailed tropicbird The West Indian woodpecker and stripe-headed tanager can also be seen in Cayman.

Grand Cayman has seven protected bird sanctuaries, including the QE II Botanic Park, Colliers Pond, Salina Reserve, and the Majestic Reserve. Cayman Brac is home to a 180-acre parrot reserve, while Little Cayman's Booby Pond Reserve protects the habitat of the brown and red-footed boobies.

So if bird watching is on your list of things to do the Cayman Islands has what you're looking for!


In Cayman Brac well-marked trails lacing the island range from easy strolls to a series of caves on the southern shoreline to 2 miles of nature trails through a reserve set aside for the rare Cayman parrot on the island's bluff. (The reserve is also home to some 150 other bird species.) Bring a pair of sturdy hiking boots, because the limestone on the bluff is rugged - and the panoramic views of the sea from the edge of the bluff, which reaches an elevation of 140 feet, is well worth a little exercise.

Orchids and parrots burst with color, doves and woodpeckers hover overhead, snakes and lizards wander the footpaths. Grand Cayman's Mastic Trail serves up all this wildlife, plus a lush forest of cedar, mahogany, and palms, along with lowlands dense with mangrove. Of course, much of the Caribbean once looked like this, but colonization and the subsequent clearing wiped out much of the native habitat. Even on Grand Cayman, which is a low, coral-formed island, nature once displayed astounding diversity. Now, through the efforts of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, the Mastic Reserve has been established in the steamy interior of the island, featuring trails through portions of the original dry, subtropical forests.

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Cayman enjoys a warm tropical climate with hot, humid summers and cooler, relatively dry winters. The temperature, summer or winter, seldom goes lower than 70°F or higher than 90°F. The cooler and most pleasant months run from December to April. May to November is the rainy season but often the downpours are short-lived and extremely localized - it can be raining in George Town and yet be the most beautiful sunshine on Seven Mile Beach! The hurricane season typically lasts from June to November.

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